Database Design and Development

Internet Database Solutions specializes in the design and development of databases for websites that require storing data online. We can create the data schema to your requirements, create the database(s) that support that schema and incorporate any stored function/procedures, views, etc. that it requires. In addition, we can protect your data using very secure encryption algorithms if desired.

Website Design

In addition to database design and development, we also will design and develop the required website forms for entering and validating the data before inserting it into the database. We will develop the pages necessary to display/sort the data in tables and implement any report generation requirements. We also provide a secure and robust user registration and login package that incorporates a wide range of security functionality.

Database and Website Hosting

Your database and website will be stored in a world class data center in the United States where physical access is protected by state of the art security systems. The reliability of this data center provides 99.995% up time. This means the site will be available anytime your users need access to their data. In addition, your database(s) will be fully backed up on a daily basis.